Forget everything you know about mentoring


Mentoring but not as you know it

We’re transforming the way people learn and connect

The colleague 12 yards away or 12 floors up. The person at the start of their career or the experienced employee reaching retirement. Everyone knows something you don’t, they just haven’t found a way of sharing it yet. Everyone wants to interact, they just haven’t broken down the communication barrier. A life-changing connection between two people in one organisation really shouldn’t have multiple hurdles. These are the founding principles of Grasp.

Grasp is a mentoring solution that drives communication. We remove the pain from that awkward first introduction by sparking the conversation. Unlike more traditional mentoring programs, Grasp has the flexibility to pinpoint how your employees can help each other, and we bring them together. When facing problems with productivity, staff turnover, and employee engagement, the answer isn’t a short-term quick fix. The answer is a long view that prioritises knowledge-sharing and interactions. You have to change the narrative and embrace a more inclusive, diverse new culture.

Your employees’ personal development will always benefit the company as a whole, but before you can reach that undervalued, uninspired individual, the first challenge is to identify where the silos lie. Knowledge is power, and while everyone in your company has knowledge, they must be empowered to find it. Through a simple search, Grasp enables individuals to locate their potential mentors and build a network based on mutual knowledge-sharing. This isn’t standardised e-learning, this is a highly-tailored mentoring program that prioritises people’s individual needs and puts human connection at the forefront.

As we juggle our time between work, stocking up on essentials, and caring for loved ones, the current crisis has brought into focus the question of ‘time’. This isn’t simply the amount of time we have left, but how we choose to spend it. The post-pandemic landscape will urge us to rethink how we communicate and to identify the aspects of our daily interactions that we value most. How can we improve our connections with each other and what can we learn from this experience to improve performance?

But while the outside world changes, we must also view this crisis as a chance to change how we operate right now. How can we improve our culture by improving the people within it?  Whether it’s the urgent morning meeting or the casual lunchtime chat, imposed isolation has highlighted our need to communicate. The surge in online video-conferencing suggests that knowledge-sharing is a necessity that won’t be hindered under any circumstances. How can you use this to your advantage today? Is there someone within your network that you could be reaching out to right now? Don’t sit in silence. Don’t upskill alone. Embrace the connected culture by simply looking around you, and making contact.

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Mentoring but not as you know it

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