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Talent mobility and mentoring

mentoring + upskill

Is mentoring part of your talent mobility strategy?

You’ve spent time, money and energy creating the best possible team for your organisation. You...


mentoring + workplace culture

How mentoring programmes reduce workplace stress

If you knew there was a crisis happening in your organisation that was causing poor productivity and...

how to be a great mentor

mentoring + resources

What makes a great mentor?

When you imagine a great mentor, who do you picture? What qualities do they have? What makes them st...

Mentoring for women

mentoring + workplace culture

The importance of mentoring for women in the workplace

Gender inequality in the workplace isn’t a new problem. Although there’s been significant progre...

Is your mentoring program future fit?

mentoring + resources

Mentoring in 2021 –
Is your program future fit?

2021 is well underway and our Covid-friendly Christmas and NYE celebrations feel like a distant memo...

mentors through reading

mentoring + resources

Get yourself A-list mentors by reading autobiographies

If you could choose a mentor, any mentor, dead or alive, who would you choose? Wouldn’t it be ...

skills half life

mentoring + upskill

Can businesses survive the shrinking skills half-life?

The world of work is changing, and not just because of Covid. For years, there has been a longstandi...

how to ask someone to mentor you


How to pop the question: Will you mentor me?

Creativity, productivity and inclusivity are central to a thriving workplace culture and are often f...