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Get your people connecting 
in three simple steps

1. Sign up

Users sign up and complete onboarding in under 5 minutes

2. Search

Our intelli-matching algorithms make instant recommended matches

3. Connect & Learn

Choose to connect informally or form a mentoring relationship

Ready to launch your mentoring programme?

We work with you and your existing software to make implementing Grasp as simple and effective as possible.
 From helping you define measurable goals to helping you achieve maximum engagement for users, we’ve got your back.

Define your goals
Define your goals and objectives

Tell us your goals and objectives and we’ll make sure your Grasp platform is set up from the start to meet them. Diversity and inclusion, upskilling and people culture are just a few of the areas we make sure are a top priority.

Product customisation
Product customisation

Working with your existing LMS, SSO, video conferencing and calendar scheduling software, we’ll create a seamlessly integrated platform that fits with you and your workforce. Alternatively, you can use Grasp’s Plug and Play platform for an instant mentoring solution.

Houston, we’re ready to launch

Houston, we’re ready to launch

Work with our engagement specialists for a first-class onboarding and ongoing engagement plan that suits you. From email templates to posters, webinars to live events, we’ll make sure you maximise engagement before, during and after take off.

We take security seriously.

Your company data is protected. Always.

We use industry-accepted best practices to achieve full compliance with all security and privacy policies, helping our customers meet their own compliance standards.


Up-to-date, modern encryption algorithms ensure your data is protected at all times - in-transit and at rest. The option to use single sign-on lets customers retain control of their authentication and authorization policies. We are also ISO 27001 certified.


Quality Assurance is an important part of our entire development process. QAs and developers work closely together to ensure that features are shipped quickly and safety.


Our cloud platform is built on top of solid core technologies so that it is available to you whenever you need it.


You own your data. We’re fully committed to protecting the privacy of your data. Our Privacy Policy details any information we collect and why, what it's used for and how it's handled

Data analtyics

Grasp works with your existing systems to unlock latent data as well as provide additional insight into skills, silos and the overal cultural health of your organisation. 
We capture key data around skills, silos and culture to give you a holistic overview.

Skill Mapping
Skill Mapping

Capture skills and learning requirements in real-time, broken down by job band, location or department to help you act on areas of weakness and leverage areas of strength.

Locate Silos
Locate Silos

Track who is connecting with who and why, giving you full transparency to identify where the silos exist and where your team players and communicators are.

Culture Health
Culture Health

Our data capture gives you a holistic view of your organisation’s culture health from diversity and inclusion to knowledge sharing, communication to collaboration.

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