Hi. We’re Grasp.

This is our mission.

Our Mission

To break down internal silos and turn every organisation into knowledge sharing communities, fostering a more positive and transparent culture. To continually create easier ways for employees to find and connect with the right people in and around their organisation.

Our Why

We believe that most technology in today’s society is causing isolation amongst people in their work and home lives. We are passionate about the idea of using technology as a force for good to connect people in a more meaningful and personal way and create engaged communities both professionally and socially.

Our Values

We put people first, we’re open and we’re inclusive. 
These are our core values that you’ll find woven into everything we do.

Put people first
We Put People First

People come first in everything we do. We are always thinking about each individual's why? We think about how we can make that person's career more enjoyable, successful and purposeful by helping them connect with the people around them.

We’re Open

We're open to ideas, innovation, opinions, and beliefs. We are open to discovering opportunity through every connection and we encourage others to do the same.

We're inclusive
We’re Inclusive

Inclusivity is at the heart of our company, whether addressing hierarchy or diversity, we aim to make learning and opportunity accessible to all.

If you’re an average of the five people you spend the most time with, everyone’s goal should be to surround themselves with as many people as possible. People with different backgrounds, different roles, different personalities and different ages, to give you a choice of who you want to be.

You can only do this through discovery and being open to possibility.”

Ed Beccle, Founder of Grasp